Oyster in the months with ‘R’

Don’t ask me why, but start August and I wanted to eat oysters. Given Belgium has a lot of sea food restaurants, and is generally know for fresh (albeit expensive) sea food – I wanted to eat oysters.However an old French saying says that you can only
eat oysters in the months with an ‘R’ (ApRil, SeptembeR, OctobeR, etc). So last week we – finally! – went to eat oysters at
Brasserie St-Georges.

Personally I didn’t know the restaurant (although I live in Brussels for over 8 years now), but I loved the French brasserie atmosphere, and the great choice of sea food and French wine.

We started with 9 Bondeuses, for you and me – classic oysters. No surprise there. The craving satisfied, I decided to have a Perigord approach to the entrée and the main course, ordering a Sarladaise salad and Perigord steak.

Word of advise: the salad alone makes for a very filling and delicious meal, all on its own. To go with all this? A glass of dry white wine with the oysters, and a very nice Chateau Puy-Blanquet, St. Emillion Grand Cru 1997 to go with the meal. And go it did.

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