Two different Spanish experiences

Leaving Brussels behind in rain and fog, I landed in Granada at 30 degrees in the sun. If you think eating outside on a terrace and enjoying Andalusian food would be the first thing to do – think again. Too hot! So we looked for cover. One of the best kept secretes of Granada must be the El Ventorrillo, a nice little place with a covered terrace, where you sit isolated from the outside world and can enjoy some of the best grilled fish. I personally chose a grilled Dorada (gilt head fish) and steamed vegetables. The best place for a lazy sunny lunch. Unfortunately they don’t have a website, but they are located on Paseo del Violon 17.

For evening I would recommend the El Huerto de Juan Ranas, where the view on the Alhambra is matchless. It is a very romantic place, high up in the hills of Granada, serving a combination of traditional and modern cuisine. Booking in advance is advisable, because once there it is very difficult to leave, hence why we spent about 4 hours, admiring the view, and deciding at each course what to order next.

I started with a warm shrimp salad, then moved on to a delicious grilled pork with caramelized onions and to finish, a chocolate and mint cream dessert, served with passion fruit and lemon ice cream.

Being in Andalusia, and Granada, we also chose a local wine (Calvente 2002) which accompanied the food perfectly – however was difficult to find afterwards in the shops.

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