Villa Vino – Copenhagen

Copenhagen in May can be very sunny (if you are lucky), but still cold. You can feel the winter ended, and that spring is in the air. On the contrary, when it rains, you feel as if you stepped into a story of H.C. Andersen. Luckily enough we had sunshine. A long weekend of boat trips, visits, and pictures in front of the Little Mermaid. That, combined with eating open faced sandwiches and discovering Villa Vino.

Villa Vino is a small wine bar, in the heart of Copenhagen. The offer of wine from around the globe is written on blackboards all over the walls – making the choice that much more difficult.

I can only recommend Villa Vino. Ideally when it is still chilly outside, and you can sip a nice glass of red on the terrace, covered in the blankets provided. I had an incredibly nice Californian Kenwood Old Zinfandel, 2002 and the next day (returning was not difficult!) an Australian Synergy Shiraz 2002.

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