Hot pumpkin soup for cold days

Belgium is not exactly known for its Mediterranean weather. So October brought with it cold and rainy days. Fall is here. And fall is a pumpkin’s favorite time of the year.I do have to admit that I am not cooking pumpkins as often as I should. But Halloween is just days away. Pumpkins in all shapes and colors are filling the shelves. And the mood is set for comfort food. So a hot pumpkin soup was really the only option.

All I had to do was cut a large pumpkin into chunks, removing the skin and the seeds. Then cook them in boiling water until soft. A little bit of chilli, garlic and basil in the blender, to which I later added the soft pumpkin chunks. The whole mixture back to the saucepan and depending on the dietary requirements, you can add coconut milk, double cream or light cream, so that in the end you have a creamy orangey soup.


I realized that a bowl of pumpkin soup can easily replace a dinner and be just as filling and satisfying. A thick slice of brown bread next to it. And you are all set for a cozy night in.

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