The Chocolate Line winter 2005/06

If like me you are in search of food novelty and open to give odd combinations a go, then The Chocolate Line is a must.Located in Brugge, this small shop is always crowded. So patience is in order, however time can be very pleasantly spent looking directly into the kitchen where the wonderful chocolate is produced. Shelves of temptation make choice very difficult and I can bet customers change their mind at least 4 times by the time they order.

I went to The Chocolate Line with one reason and one reason only: to buy and try their new chocolate combinations. Curiosity was killing me. Arriving at the shop, my expectations were far surpassed. The winter 2005/06 collection of odd chocolate was bigger than I knew.

You are probably wondering by now what I mean by ‘odd’ chocolate combinations. I mean combining food groups only Heston Blumenthal would think of – and not even sure he did this to chocolate. The offer ranges from dark chocolate combined with lavender (not so surprising), to chocolate and cola, rosemary, tea, sesame seeds, saffron and chili, wasabi (!!!), and well, coffee (again not so surprising).

Some as you can imagine taste at least interesting (sushi reminders and chocolate just don’t go together), other combinations though have just the right amount of zing and are surprisingly tasty (chili and chocolate). However, even if the odd combinations are … too odd, The Chocolate Line stays a chocolate paradise.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Andrea,thanks for your nice lines about us.It was a pleasure
    reading them.
    Greetings Fabienne Persoone.

  • Alison

    That sounds fantastic! I’ve had chocolate with lavander, tea and coffee before and loved them all. I’ve heard that chilli and chocolate is a winning combo and I’d love to try it. This will be on my must see list!

  • Andreea

    Hi Alison. I fully recommend passing by TCL if in Brugge. Two more winning combos: choc and lemongrass and choc and nutmeg. A very weird one, which didn’t score any points: choc and saffron/curry.

  • I, too, loved the lemongrass/chocolate combo. A good match. Though, my favorite was the less exciting, chocolate covered, melt-in-your mouth s’mores.