From Thailand with love

After evenings of non-exotic food, I finally decided to take a leap and cook Thai. The choice was based on the fact that I have a lot of Asian ingredients in my cupboards but somehow never seem to use them up. Plus variation makes for an interesting life.All the ingredients were on hand for a dinner for two. So I started cooking Thai green curry perche. And who would have thought it was so easy? I always seem to spend a lot of time on elaborate cooking, while forgetting delicious food doesn’t have to take time.

Ingredients used:
2 perche fillets, cut into cubes
150gr peas
1 small aubergine, cut into cubes
250ml coconut milk
3 spoons green curry paste
fish sauce, lemon juice (unfortunately no lime on hand), chili, basil and coriander
Thai rice for two

Two pots and the show started. In one I cooked the rice, in the other the curry. I first fried the aubergines in a little bit of oil, adding the coconut milk, the chili (I do like it hot!) and the green curry paste, then the peas and the fish cubes and at the end the lime juice, and the finely chopped basil and coriander. All simmering slowly for about 10min.

Voila. Done.

Served in two bowls, rice first, Thai curry and fresh coriander leaves on top, it made for a very aromatic and delicious dinner. And to finish on an Asian note, we had as dessert mango slices with lemon juice. Fan-thai-stic.

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