Wednesdays in Brussels

It has long become a tradition in Brussels: Wednesday afternoons are spent on Place Chatelaine, at the market. Being an afternoon/ evening market, the whole buzzing working world can get together, and buy cheese, fruit and vegetables, wine, or home made bread. More of a ‘socialite’ place to be, than actually heavy shopping, the Place Chatelaine market has its own unique charm.

The cheese stands are amazing (albeit very pricey), the olives one of a kind, wine tasting goes hand in hand with oyster tasting, the home made bread is close to art. The whole market is built around the young urban professional, offering both shopping and socializing opportunities. Even the merchants know this. Everyone also sells products which can be consumed there and then: dry sausages cut already into pieces, sliced baguettes, wine which can be uncorked on the spot, chicken wings off the grill, Thai soup for one, olives by the 100gr.

The above being bought, people spread in the bars surrounding the square and unpack the delicacies, and the evening begins. The bars are full, wine flows, and Wednesday is no longer just the middle of the week, but is becoming an outing. All this is Place Chatelaine: Brussels sitting around, drinking wine, eating cheese from ‘Delice de la Ferme’, tasting olives, chicken wings, dry sausages and watching the world do the same or passing by.

One day a week Place Chatelaine becomes almost a holiday spot. And if not for the obvious reason – shopping at the market – it is worth a visit for the atmosphere that it is known for.

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