Preparing for winter

For me fall is a preparation for winter. I start eating less salads, and more filling food, and soups take the stage. Variations on the soup theme are in order, and I try and test everything possible – basically focusing on what I have available in the fridge. And the joy of combination starts. It feels like being a kid all over again when it felt right to mix chocolate mousse and cheese and the world was ok with it.Evenings, now that it gets dark sooner, are perfect for these kind of experiments. Crumbles of Stilton are mixed with tomato soup, pumpkin and basil join forces, and my latest, peas and bacon. Bacon was in the fridge (from an English breakfast attempt) and with a can of peas on hand another soup inspiration was ready.

The peas were boiled, and blended, then back in the pan to which I added the bacon – and brought the mixture to the boil. Some coriander on top and the evening started.

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