10,000 bottles – 3 days

This weekend Brussels is hosting Megavino, a wine fair and exhibition, and at its seventh edition. Four years of absence, but now back in force and exhibiting wines from all over the world.Mostly focused on French wines, this year Megavino attracted wine producers from Austria, Chile, Germany and Portugal as well. The concept is very simple: upon entering (tickets cost 10euro each), you are given a tasting glass and left to discover wines on your own.

There was no actual logic to our visit, besides stopping at the wine stands which attracted us most. We started with Portuguese wines, then moving on to a selection of new world wines. Further we discovered an impressive selection of Italian wines from Licata, and moved on after to Artevino. Artevino’s concept is to import only different newly produced wines, which you don’t usually see in wine shops. And different they were. We are already planning a visit to their shop to buy some of the wines tried.

There were Argetinian wines served with empanadas (an Australian meat cake), wines from Hungary, Mexico, New Zealand – a Blue Rock Pinot Noir 2002 which delivered and I will not easily forget (25euro the bottle), Romanian wines, and a US Californian presented from a Cadillac – an incredible Zinfandel, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Sonoma Country which unfortunately is not available in Belgium.

And this is just a short summary of all which can be tested at Megavino. There are of course other stands as well, presenting locally produced food and cheese, bread, or so as to finish the visit, differnt types of cognacs.

For every wine lover, if you missed the fair this year, a date to be booked next year.

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