Posh pasta

Sunday evenings are all about quick decisions, and sorting out dinner without too much fuss. My current attitude to cooking is: use the ingredients in the house as much as possible. With fresh food in the house from the market on Wednesday, from the market on Sunday, cooking for 20 should not be currently a problem.I just had to think of something quick for 2. My cupboard holds at the moment 4 different types of rice, double as many types of pasta, there are exotic ingredients, there are cans, the freezer is full of vegetables. Deciding which dish would take the least time was the question.

And what is quicker or easier than pasta? A variation on the pasta dishes cooked while in university, yesterday we had ‘posh’ pasta. That is probably due to the fact that I didn’t have any meat in the house to cook a real Bolognese.

Having bought shrimps at the market, we fried them butterfly style in 2tsp olive oil. To this we added diced mixed mushrooms, cream and white wine, salt and a lot of black pepper. Some parsley might have added some extra flavor and color to the sauce, but sadly, no parsley in the house.

After the sauce boiled, and the pasta drained, I mixed the two, some parmesan on top and dinner was served.

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