La Fregate – Paris

Visiting for hours the art and culture of Paris. Walking up and down the Seine. The Musee du Louvre on one side, Musee d’Orsay on the other. Art galleries in between. The Indian summer. You can guess we were hungry and thirsty.

Imagine our joy when we came across a small restaurant, La Fregate facing the Louvre and offering, simply, lunch.

Difficult to say what the food would taste like if you are not hungry. But for us it was simply delicious. I think I never had a better salad, a better Quiche Lorraine, or a nicer glass of red wine.

Rational tells me I did (nothing beats a home made quiche). But the memory of the lunch is as being the best one I ever had. So if you ever look for a place to have a quiet lunch with a view on the Louvre, and two steps away from d’Orsay, enjoy traditional French food, then La Fregate offers all this.

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