Paris, j’adore

I don’t know where to start. I love Paris. And ever so often I take the Thalys and in 1h20min I am in Paris. Ideally I combine my visit with a longer weekend, and not just work. So imagine my joy this time around, when work called on Friday, but the rest of the days till Tuesday evening were spent exploring Paris. A novice to the food blogging and most definitely to the Parisian food scene, I still made culture and museum visits my priority in the French capital. But I also opened my eyes to the gastronomic offers around. I had some very good tips on restaurants to try out, shops to visit, and the rest was a new world waiting to be discovered.

I had my work lunch (which stopped me from taking pictures) at the Les Messugues, close to Courcelles, a place I fully recommend. The food is next to excellent. Very French and very filling – nothing compared to the sandwiches of Brussels.

I will not go into details on my whole Paris trip as that will turn this note into a travel blog, but Paris in October is spectacular. We were also very fortunate to profit from an incredible Indian summer, with temperatures over 20°. Who would have thought we could eat lunch on the terrace and be upset there were no more seats available outside for dinner?

Paris has a lot more to offer than I managed to see and discover. I am sure I only scratched the surface, so I am already planning my next trip.

Paris in October 2005:
– when going to a new city I love discovering … supermarkets. So imagine my joy when I came across a trendy supermarket close to our hotel, the Monop (the yuppie side of Monoprix it seems). More design than food, I loved the bread stand which brings together an alien feeling and traditional baguettes
– I couldn’t resist going to Hediard, which in true French tradition is indeed an amazing delicatessen shop. However, looking back I should have rather gone to the restaurant than the shop
– dinners in St. Germain and then close to the Bastille
– bought and tried the famous macarons
– oh, La Grande Epicerie de Paris – a food paradise!
– didn’t manage to go to Pierre Herme!

This is my Paris in a nutshell. Or as much as I can sum up from the 5 days spent there without taking hours to write or you hours to read …

Paris, j’adore!

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  • nice to see you have visited Hediard, i really enjoy discovering nice coffee there when i go to Paris. I always get my HQ in Madeleine neighbourhood when i go to Paris.

    If you want, i have a very good adress of a shop where you can by very good coffee in Brussel, on the chaussée the Waterloo

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