Chestnuts anyone?

It is dry and sunny. But cold. The winter is now not far anymore. Soon plans will be made where to spend the winter holidays, and discussions evolve already around snow.

You can thus understand I haven’t left yet my soup making period. I will probably go through a lot of soup this year. My life has gotten very busy lately, so I find this is one of the most time saving solutions. Everyone has soup! Moving on … as it happens, one of my colleagues at work not only has a farm (fresh products for us!) but he also has a chestnut tree. Which means we delighted ourselves with roasted chestnuts over the past two weeks. And he brought me a whole bag full of them, to use at home.

I decided to make a chestnut creamy soup:

500gr mixed mushrooms (I find wild ones go very well in this)
100gr cooked chestnuts (a little time consuming but easy: soak the chestnuts in lukewarm water, peel the shell, then boil them till soft)
75gr goat cheese
1l stock
2 spoons cream
1 spoon lemon juice
5 shallots
1 clove garlic
thyme, olive oil, horseradish

All ingredients lined up, I heated the olive oil and fried the shallots and garlic, then added the chestnuts, the mushrooms and the stock. Mixing in the goat cheese and the horseradish, 1 spoon cream and the lemon juice.
After blitzing the mix, I added one more spoon of cream and voila, chestnut soup.

Now I just have to figure out what I will do with the rest of the chestnuts, besides roasting them …

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