Variations on a quiche

I love quiches. I love making them, eating them, and finding new variations on the classic ones. They are easy to make, but can make and save a dinner and I haven’t yet met anyone refusing a second helping.

When making quiches, I use rolled phyllo pastry, which I spread out in a round baking tray. And count on a lot of eggs. Usually one quiche serves around 6 people. I tend to cook two different ones to make sure everyone has a slice of their favourite by the end of the meal.

There is the all time classic Quiche Lorraine. For this I use 150gr bacon strips or cubes, 100gr cheese (usually a gooey one like gruyere or emmental), 25cl cream, 2 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks, oil, s&p. With the oven preheated at gas mark 7, I gently fry the bacon in the oil. The eggs, the yolks and the cream are all mixed in a bowl and seasoned with salt and pepper. The bacon comes first on the already rolled out phyllo pastry, then the egg mixture and all is covered by the cheese. In the oven for about 30min.

Other combinations I think work very well, and I usually make for dinner parties are:
salmon and goat cheese – mix the cheese, the eggs and the cream. Cover the phyllo pastry with salmon strips and then cover it with the mixture.
salmon and spinach – same, only mixture is done with spinach.
spinach and feta – mix the spinach, the eggs and the cream, then crumble feta on top of the mixture.
wild mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes – gently fry the mushrooms, chopped onions and the sun dried tomatoes; season the mixture. Beat the cream and eggs, cover the pastry with the mushroom mix and then pour over the egg mixture.

These are just a few of my favourite ones. I am sure the combinations are endless though, so if you have any further suggestions on what I should give a try next, quiche away.

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