Food blogging 'made in Germany'

Browsing the food blogging world (trust me there is a lot to browse), I came across two very interesting events ‘made in Germany’. A slight advantage is reading German (and understanding some of it as well). But the events in itself are open to food bloggers (and not) world wide, so once I decide what I will cook I might give it a shot to impress the judges.

First event ‘made in Germany’: Pumpkins. They seem to be the vegetables du jour, up there with pears and figs. Every blog I read features some pumpkin recipe, be it after or before Halloween. Surprise, surprise, I blogged my own pumpkin soup as well. Almost confirming the ‘fear’ of the pumpkin event organizers that everyone will provide soup recipes …

The event proposed above closes on 15 November. The idea, like every other foodie event I came across while blogging, is to cook a recipe using pumpkins and then impatiently wait for the votes to be cast (it’s like Saturday Cooking Fever). For the German readers among you more information can be found on Blogevent Kürbis (=pumpkin). Entries with the link to recipes I understand should be sent to kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com.

Second event ‘made in Germany’: Apples. First of all I love apples. Versatile, yet so simple, can’t get enough of them. So this is one event I will for sure exercise my cooking abilities for. The event tries to bring together gardeners and cooks, as it is prime season for apple picking. It seems it is a first try for such an event, with more to follow.

The event closes on 30 November, and more info (again in German) can be found on Gärtner Blog (=gardener). Or again link to the recipes and entries can be sent to rezepte(at)gaertnerblog(dot)de

Guten Appetit and happy blogging.

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