Le Macaron


If you are a group (we were eight), up for an easy evening out and not too fussy about food, then Italian food is usually the way to go. And this is just what we did.

A group of eight, on a rainy evening, went to Le Macaron. A small place off Place Chatelaine, Le Macaron is specialized in pasta dishes ranging in price from 9euro to 15euro. Which might explain why the place is fully booked, all the time.

 The pasta – the best I have ever had. And so far I had my fair share of paste. Plus I also love to cook it. I personally ordered pasta with bacon, creamy sauce and basil (mostly because I could not decide among the pasta dishes on offer), while friends took pasta with wild mushrooms, salmon spinach, or the traditional Bolognese.

The wine was red. The atmosphere priceless. And at 1:30am we were still there … If in the mood for an easy evening, and up for simple Italian food which will not set you back too much, then Le Macaron is your answer.

Le Macaron: Rue du Mail 1, 1050 Bruxelles, Tel: 02/537 89 43


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