Sunday fish

After pasta on Thursday, English dinner on Saturday, Sunday evening was all about healthy food. Spending the day out, brunching at the Toast Gallery, walking the streets of Brussels, and then enjoying a drink on the MIM terrace, Sunday was a perfect day.But the cold, albeit sunny day, wore us out and in the evening all we wanted was warm, but light food. So on the way home we stopped by our regular fish mogul and got two white mullets.

The choice of fish being quite impressive, I am trying now to buy a different fish every time I go there. Among my favorites are the sea bream and tuna. Needless to say, I very much enjoy the trout, salmon, the sole as well.Then I have Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes for inspiration. This time around the mullets were cooked with the help of Rick Stein’s Seafood book. Some variation on the recipe took place, based on the ingredients I had at home. But I can assure you the result was delicious and finished in no time.

Fish: I have a love/hate relationship with fish. Love to eat it, but I am not too keen on the actual feel of fish whilst preparing it. So I always ask the fish mogul to clean the stomach cavity, remove the gills and surrounding tissue, and scale them. There is no bravery to me when facing the whole fish and eyes are staring back at me.The fish cleaned, I seasoned it with plenty salt and pepper. I prepared a very easy stuffing of coriander, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. I then placed the stuffed fish on plenty of aluminum foil (enough to be able to ‘box’ the fish with it) and drizzled some olive oil and white wine on top. Same was done to mullet no. 2.

I sealed the aluminum foil, and let the fish cook in the juices for about 20 min (all depending on the size of your fish – these two being quite big).As a side dish I prepared a sweet/ regular potato mash. Comfort food in its glory. The last Guardian Weekly labeled mash as the top comfort food around, giving at least 5 recipes on different combinations. I decided to give it a try with sweet potatoes. Seasoned correctly (plenty of salt, pepper, and some butter) it was instant comfort.The dinner was a discovery trip, as it was the first time I had mullet. I find the stuffing was very nice, but maybe for this type of fish some spices need to be added next time. A slightly spicy tomato sauce (or sweet/sour sauce) could be the perfect complement to this fish. A very meaty fish, it needs stronger flavoring, as it can take it.Still, all I asked for: a light meal, which perfectly ended a cold, beautiful Sunday.

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