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By now I think it is pretty obvious how very much like cheese. Not that I am trying to bring cheese in every dish I cook, but when I can, the world is a better place.

Two German blog events got my attention a while back. After deciding how I can contribute, trying to avoid the ever classic pumpkin soup, I decided to give pumpkin cheesecake a try. A variation on the classic cheesecake. The recipe and influence came from BBC Food, a continuous source of inspiration.

Ingredients used:

225gr hard biscuits (being in Belgium, I think speculoos work very well)
60gr butter
1 ½ juice and zest of lemon
340 cooked pumpkin (I preferred to steam it, as it makes the flesh softer, but the pumpkin can be roasted as well)
225gr caster sugar
450gr cream cheese
4 eggs
90ml double cream
90ml natural yoghurt
Cinnamon, nutmeg

Heat the oven to 170C (which for my oven translates to gas mark 3). Bash the biscuits into crumbs. I find a very easy method is to put all the biscuits into a small plastic bag, then put a kitchen towel on top and roll a rolling pin over them. This way the biscuits are finely crumbled without too much work.
Melt the butter over low heat, and mix the biscuits crumbs and the lemon zest; press the mixture into a lightly greased cake tin (I use a loose bottom one, as it makes it easier to slide the cake out when done).
Mix together the cream cheese, the pumpkin puree, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg until you get a smooth texture. Pour the mixture on top of the biscuits and bake in the oven until the surface is set, but underneath still soft and gooey.
Let the tin cool, put the cake on a serving plate and chill overnight.
Next day whip the double cream, natural yoghurt and lemon juice (depending on taste, you can add some more lemon juice, or even orange zest). Spread the cream mixture on top of the pumpkin cake and serve.

Probably not the lightest cake ever baked, but indulgence is sometimes necessary. As long as you warn your guests in advance that the dessert is cheesecake, everyone can make sure to ‘save some space’.

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