After learning a lot on wine and food combination at Mmmh, we went out for dinner. A late dinner it is true, but Brussels is convenient like that: you can eat at almost any time. One restaurant or the other will be open for business. Driving through Place Luxembourg, spot on in the middle of the European quarter, we stopped at COCO. A very orange place.

Entering, you find a very modern, minimalist restaurant mainly decorated in orange. My first reaction was, way too much orange, but it works. It actually works really well. A restaurant with a modern feel to it, made almost for the expat community in Brussels.

The menu is varied and covers most of the continents so we decided on a green curry chicken, recipe from the Pat Pong in Bangkok and 350gr steak from the L’Entrecote in Paris. The chicken and the rice were just what I wanted, spicy but not too, and very flavored. But if you are in the mood for meat the steak was the best piece of meat I have ever tasted: it practically melted in your mouth. And at 350gr there was a lot to go for. absolute meat heaven. Loved it! The wine card is not too bad either, mainly French though. If you look at the suggestions though, there are some Italian and Spanish wines.

Overall a very trendy and young place, which if expat experience in Brussels is anything to go by, must be absolutely fully booked on a Thursday night.

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  • alejandra

    I agree that the cuisine is good but unfortunately the service is awful. some of the waitresses seem to consider clients a mere nuisance and are extremely unfriendly. I would not recommend this place to anyone who wants to keep his good spirits.

  • anonymous

    I’ll second that. The first time I had lunch there I shocked by the level of service -as were my friends, however the food was very good. I think dining out whether it’s lunch or dinner should be a entire experience and the attitude of the waitresses just puts you off your meal. They seem to go out of their way to be rude and unhelpful. It’s a shame because my friends and I don’t go there anymore purely because of the service and their lack of manners.