Fast food a la Belge

There are only 24h in a day. I sometimes need about 50. Today has been one of those days. It’s all running around, meetings, and getting all sorted out and finished.This of course has a lot to do with the fact I am off tomorrow morning at 7:00am to the Algarve for a very long weekend. So why would I complain that today turned out to be hectic and fast food was the solution for lunch?

After having been yesterday to a very nice little restaurant, today the food battle was held between two healthy ‘fast food’ places: EXKi and the Foodmaker. Foodmaker won, as Exki has been a regular for some time now.

Both places offer fresh products, I even think they are bio and an incredible array of interesting juices. Overall I can’t count myself among the fans of these two restaurants/ fast food places. I like some of their sandwiches (usually the ones made with nutty or raisin bread), I like their juices and I think the desserts they offer (brownies especially) are heavenly. Overall though I think though that prices are a little bit high – but, ok, for the quality offered maybe fair.

My Foodmaker menu du jour today was a tomato soup and a very nice sandwich of brie, walnuts, and lettuce. When going to Exki I love their raisin bread with brie, nuts and honey and I think their speculoos dessert is just to die for.

Overall I guess if you are in a rush, and you want to avoid the real fast food restaurants, these two offer an ideal solution. It is fast but fresh food, healthy as well and it offers some variation from the traditional fast (junk) food lunch. And by the amount of people in there every day, every lunch, it only shows the formula is a success.

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