Brunch at Grand Rocka – Berlin

brunch at Grand Rocka by @onfooandwine

I hate last days in cities I love visiting. I hate the idea that my holiday is over and reality awaits in Brussels. Or I might just be a little overdramatic. Our last day in Berlin was spent between the Alexanderplatz and Grand Rocka. Alexanderplatz was yet again another Christmas market. But the cold outside did push us to look for a cozy, hiding place, till time came to say good bye to Berlin, hello to Brussels.

Taking the first tram at random, we came across a quiet square (probably due to the fact it was Sunday) and what looked from the outside as a big warehouse, but still a bar, Grand Rocka. Going in the first thing you see is the massive bar – and the meter long brunch buffet. Who could resist that?

brunch at Grand Rocka by @onfooandwine

We sat down, enquired about the brunch ‘system’ – a all you can eat formula, every Sunday, for 12euro – and we tucked in. The food was just amazing.

Either we were cold, tired and nostalgic to leave such an amazing city, or the food was indeed the best brunch I ever had in a restaurant. Yummy. Cold meats, smoked fish, cheeses, dips and veggies, eggs and bacon. Once these were digested, we moved on to the warm food. And then in the end there was dessert. Needless to say we stayed in Grand Rocka for about 4h, up to the point were we risked missing our plane.

If you are ever on a Sunday in Berlin, this place is most definitely worth a visit. It is welcoming, it is cozy, it is full, and the atmosphere is just what you expect from Berlin.

disclaimer – all the photos from the Grand Rocka website 

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