Cais i

While in the Algarve, with all the rain, trying out restaurants became a daily hobby. The first evening we went to an amazing place, Cais i. Why I say amazing? Because both the setting and the food were incredible! A very modern restaurant, the whole place was decorated in orange and brown. Seems orange is a current trend among restaurants. Warm colors, they definitely gave Cais i a very cozy feeling.

The food was equally delicious. The cuisine follows in the steps of great restaurant cuisine: innovation and presentation were the key ingredients. That’s why I am sorry they didn’t have the mozzarella/strawberry available anymore, due to seasonal reasons. It must make for an interesting dish! Instead I ordered as entrée apple, grilled goats’ cheese with house made marmalade. All with an old time favorite, the Planalto white wine.

And as main course I had what I never thought I would: sole fillet with fried bananas. Ask me before Cais i to combine fish and banana, I would have shuddered and dismiss the idea. But somehow it made for a very interesting and tasty, albeit heavy dish.

The wine was recommended by the restaurant’s sommelier, a red Pegos Claros, Palmela 1999 which gave just the perfect balance to the food. And dessert was a selection of Portuguese cheeses. All in all a perfect gourmet evening.

So if you ever happen to pass through Vilamoura I can only recommend you stop at Cais i.

Cais i: Loja J, Marina Garden, Marina de Vilamoura, Tel : +351/289 314 637

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