Lutter&Wegner – Berlin

Lutter&Wegner seems to be considered somewhat of an institution in Berlin. Dating all the way back to 1811, the restaurant attracted over the years poets and thinkers, royalty and celebrities alike. Among them Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker Close to the Opera, you are also sure to see dancers and actors, directors and opera singers.

Destroyed during the Second World War, the restaurant together with its famous and impressive wine cellar have been reestablished to their old glory in 1997.

And we got the chance to get a glimpse at the past and enjoy the present while in Berlin. The restaurant was buzzing the first night we went there. Impossible to find a table, we booked one for the next day, after 22:00. Finally seated, I took in the décor. Back to the 20’s, big paintings decorate the walls, and a certain feeling of a French brasserie with the German exactness is in the air. Loved it!

After taking in the surroundings, we decided to order (this after our waiter approached us at least three times wondering why it is taking us so long?). I opted to have corn salad, with grated goats cheese and pumpkin seeds oil. A very simple dish but, oh, so delicious. As main meal I went for tradition, and an award winning dish. I had the Lutter and Wegner’s Sauerbraten (roast), with mash potatoes, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and bacon. The dish won first place in the German Roast Competition. Ha!

Heavy, I have to admit, but with the cold outside and the buzz inside, the perfect Berliner dish. To accompany the food we kept the regional influence and had an Austrian 2002 Rotspon Reserve red wine.There was no space left for dessert, but if ever in Berlin (and I know how much of a touristy place this seems to be – as it indeed it is!), don’t miss dropping by the Lutter&Wegner for dinner.

Lutter & Wegner – Charlottenstrasse 56, 10117 Berlin, Germany 

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