Tarte Tatin

It seems Lamotte-Beuvron is the homeland of the Tarte Tatin. I didn’t know all this up till recently, when looking for a Tarte Tatin recipe on the Internet.

Walking home in the freezing cold of Brussels, it hit me that I would love to eat a Tarte Tatin. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions, when the idea became reality.

I stopped by my local grocery shop and I got the necessary: phyllo pastry and apples. I had the rest ingredients at home so no excuses left.

I find cooking a Tarte Tatin is quite simple, for what is a delicious result. I didn’t fuss a lot over the décor, as the craving was higher than the patience. I melted about 50gr butter and 100gr sugar over low heat in a round cake pan, until the sugar was caramelized. Then I roughly cut approximately 5 apples into cubes and poured them over the caramelized sugar. I sprinkled the apples again with some sugar and what was on hand, Guatemalan rum, then covered the mixture with two phyllo pastry sheets. One beaten egg to brush on top of the pastry and the whole went in the oven for about 30min.

As you can see I am not one of the most patient persons, so the above might well be a variation on the classic Tarte Tatin. But I can assure you it tasted just as good. With a dollop of vanilla ice-cream, it was my own winter extravaganza.

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