November in the South

We went all the way to the Algarve for 4 days of sun, good food and golf. Well, there was no sun but a lot of rain. No golf, but a lot of rain. However very good food which wasn’t affected by the rain. Most of the Portuguese cuisine is based on fish. And unfortunately, a lot of their signature dishes are not very known in central Europe. The same goes for the wines as well. So while being in the Algarve we decided that this would be the opportunity to try out dishes and wines we haven’t had so far.

The Algarve offers a lot of golf and a lot of restaurants. Alone in this region there are over 5 Michelin star restaurants – of which we tried out one, Sao Gabriel – and plenty of small traditional ones and not so traditional ones. And everywhere you go, fresh fish.

4 days of rain and good food. We tried out local wines, yet missed going to Sir Cliff Richard’s vineyard (I wonder if on purpose?). We also discovered some old favourites – particularly a Portuguese white wine, Planalto, and made some new discoveries, like a sole and banana dish. And of course the first experience of a Michelin star restaurant, which was an extravaganza of food and wines.

In the end, albeit not being a sunny holiday, it turned out to be an unforgettable discovery of the Portuguese south.

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