Emotion champignons

This is what I call a great initiative! Just at the right moment, as the season calls for mushrooms of all types.

I can say we are spoiled by the choice we have. And no, I won’t go mushroom picking, but I will for sure search the usual markets to find beautiful varieties.

After that it will be all up to the judges.

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  • chili&vanilia

    Hello Andrea!
    What a great lovely surprise to find another foodblogger based in Brussels!!!Thanks for visiting my site!Well, yes, I blog in Hungarian but I plan to blog a little more in English in the future. In the meantime you are very welcome on my site anytime. I will be surely returning regularly to yours, also immediately add you to my favorites (if I manage..)Now, I’m going to read all your previous posts! Have a very nice weekend and it’s good to see you!! Zsofi

  • Andreea

    Zsofi, I can’t wait for more recipes in English. All adds to the international flavor of Brussels 🙂