Christmas in Berlin

50 Christmas markets. 50 ! I mean 50! That’s how many there are in Berlin at the moment, preparing and celebrating Christmas to come. Impossible to visit them all while spending a long weekend in Berlin. But no one can blame us for not trying.

Berlin is an amazing city. I have been there several times, both for work and pleasure and every time I have the impression the city has changed again, there is more to discover than the last time. Maybe it has always been this way, but Berlin comes across as a vibrant and young city, where art, music, literature are at home. When walking in Berlin, you can see past and present meet. You can still feel and touch the past, yet it seems so distant that at times you are not sure anymore if you are in the West or in the East Berlin. The truth is there is no difference anymore, yet you know history is still in the making in this city.

Given the sheer size of Berlin, we concentrated on the center and picked out the one and the other museum we wanted to see. In between, we visited the three biggest Christmas markets, enjoying in true German tradition plenty of Bratwurst and Glühwein. The evenings were spent in local restaurants, some true Berliner institutions.

And sooner than we wanted it, the weekend was over, and we had to say good bye to the cold, and to this exciting city. Yet, in March 2006 we’ll be back!

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