Food blogging around the world

More as a online reminder to myself than anything else – as between electronic agendas, Outlook and the traditional paper agenda I do tend to get lost – so here I am posting upcoming foodie events I would like to take part in. Some on the ‘old’ continent, other hosted across the ocean. It seems to be an ever growing and ever so interesting food blogging world out there!

So far I have done my part for the ‘emotions champignons’ blog event.

This gives me now time to fully get into cooking and digging up my first cooking book for a weekend cookbook challenge, then a January citrus fruit extravaganza on the German side and back to Belgium, for an event on birds and cabbage (it sounds a lot funnier in English than in French…).

Oh and did I mention that by tomorrow night I am supposed to find a bottle of wine with the cutest label of all for the Wine Blogging Wednesday?

So many things to do, so little time! But loving every minute of it.

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