The perfect mash

Comfort food at its best. The BBC recently had a whole show dedicated to comfort food, and the top 10 most popular comfort foods in the UK. Mash potatoes were there in the top 5. So in need of comfort, I decided to cook mash potatoes. Cook is maybe saying too much, as there is not a lot of cooking involved. The whole dish was based on potatoes, milk, butter, salt and pepper and plenty of garlic.

After the potatoes were thoroughly cooked, I added the warm milk and the butter and mashed the whole together, mixing the mash with crushed garlic, salt and pepper. To me the secret of a perfect mash lies in the warm milk and the garlic. I love garlic in all its form and shape, and when I can add it to food I do so, plenty. And a perfect mash needs plenty of garlic.

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