Not being able to find out where or when Le Fooding took place in Brussels (if anyone has an idea, please let me know!), I decided it would be a nice idea to go to Kokerello. Set at the Flanders Expo Gent, Kokerllo 2005 was at its third edition. Set around food tasting, cooking demonstrations and wine tasting, the expectations were high with regards to an interesting and enriching fooding experience. Might be that exactly these expectations made us feel incredibly disappointed by the Kokerllo event.

First I have to say that too many people and too many exhibitors in one small place is never a good idea. The food stands were indeed interesting (although some of them maybe too mainstream for such an event), however the crowds, uncontrollable. At a certain point we came to the conclusion that the people attending the fair were there only to get as much free food as possible. I have never experienced so much fighting (almost to a literally sense) and determination to get a cracker with green olive tapenade – one example from the many available.

However, as much as food instigated fights, no one even got close to the wine stands. And as I don’t usually tend to have a fighting spirit on a Sunday we decided we will go out and eat in Gent (and not having to knock over old ladies just to get an olive) and try the wines instead. So in the end it turned out to be a pleasant experience of Spanish and Portuguese wines.

And, please, please, next year don’t serve free food anymore! It only creates mayhem.

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