A magical chocolate moment

I will be leaving in one week for the winter holiday, Christmas and New Year. That means out of Belgium for 3 weeks. A routine I follow every year. Which means every year around this time I refuse to buy any more food, as I know it will be a waste.

Which made the task ahead, namely the chocolate recipe contest, even more difficult. Not only will established food bloggers (and photographers) be part of the game, most of the recipes will be in French as well, and not everyone has given, up on food shooping.


I love being inventive and one of the greatest challenges is to be able to use what you have in stock to create magic (it’s not me who said it, but chefs on BBC). So in the search of chocolate magic, there were two options: Jamie or Nigella. This time around, Jamie won.

Ingredients in the house: phyllo pastry, almonds, cooking chocolate (Cora, 52% cocoa), as well as the base ones, butter and sugar. For this recipe I used 4 phyllo pastry sheets per apple, 20gr almonds, 50gr chocolate, 75gr butter and 25gr sugar.
Ingredients bought: 2 apples and 1 orange.

And I set off to cook ‘absolutely amazing and dead simple’ baked apples with chocolate, in flaky pastry.

First the apples had to be peeled. Then I carved the core of each one, whilst at the same time pre-heating the oven gas mark 3.

I mixed the almonds, half the butter, sugar, zest and juice of the orange till everything was nice and smooth. The flaked chocolate (I find grating the chocolate helps) was added to the mix and I divided the whole into two balls.

This is the stage where patience, more than talent comes in: for each apple you need four phyllo pastry sheets. That means taking one at a time, brushing it with the rest of the heated butter, then the next, brush again, then the next, brush again and finally the last one. In the end you have 4 brushed layers of phyllo pastry, cut into squares of 20cmx20cm.

Back to the almond and chocolate balls: each apple was filled with one, then placed in the middle of the phyllo pastry square. With the pastry sheets moist from the butter, I gathered the four corners and pinched them around the apple stalks. More melted butter to brush the outside of the pastry – and in the oven for 25-30min.

Expectations were high, but then again you can not go wrong with apples and chocolate now, can you? So in the end we had steaming hot apples with melting chocolate bottoms, wrapped in a phyllo pastry ‘blanket’. A true magical chocolate moment.

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