4 x meme

There are not enough hours in a day I realized. True, I have been cooking, and eating, but in between incredibly long hours at work, and life ‘outside’ the blog, there was very little time to write on any recipes, food or culinary experiences.

I hope the current rhythm will slow down or if not, please, I’ll need another extra 5h in a day. Today’s post is less about food, more about a meme I received from Ulrike at Küchenlatein. So here goes nothing.

Four Jobs You’ve Had in Your Life
advertising (intern)
language teacher
advertising assistant
programme manager

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
What women want
My big fat Greek wedding
Ocean’s 11
The Breakfast Club

Four Places You’ve Lived
Brasov, Romania
Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium

Four Websites You Visit Daily

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
Will & Grace Heroes
Cold Case Grey’s Anatomy
Saturday Kitchen

Four of Your Favorite Foods (now we’re talking …)
cheese (and I might just as well make that the top 4 …)

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without
that’s between me and my mp3 player

Four Places You’d Rather Be
New York, USA
Madrid, Spain
Florence, Italy
Naples, Italy Rome, Italy

And that’s it. Before I get back to my cooking anf blogging, it is only fair to pass the 4xmeme on. So the four people I am passing the 4xmeme to: I’ll try to get Zsofi in from Chili&Vanilia, definitely Alison from Cheese Web, to Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen , and last but not least to Michele from Chef Michele’s Adventures.


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