Suki Noodles

Asian food seems to bethe theme for the moment. Maybe the cold outside, the need for slightly healthy food and the promise that spicy food will make me feel warm makes me chose Asian food be it for lunch or dinner.

Out shopping and making the most out of the last days of sales, we stopped for lunch down town. A new place made its way just off the main area and it seemed the right choice: a Japanese bar style soup/ ramen little restaurant – Suki Noodles. Packed (so probably just a novelty for me) but oh so perfect for a quick lunch stop over.

We ordered a mixed entrée to share and then two different soups: a pork ramen and a seafood one. The absolute perfect lunch when out shopping. Quick, tasty, not too heavy!

So me and Suki Noodles will definitely meet again. Yes a short post. But better something short and sweet than a long silent blog, no? 🙂

Suki Noodles: Corner Rue Poissonnieres and Rue Paul Devaux no. 4, 1000 Bruxelles

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