Chocolate Fashion Week

It’s London Fashion Week this week. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I just got back from London. All in all not a bad start to the week.

We all know you can not go wrong with chocolate. And to make sure this foodie week starts in style, where better to go than Pierre Marcolini?

Pierre Marcolini is one of only two Belgians to receive the name of ‘chocolatier’. This title is only given to those who make their own couverture, which is the name given to chocolate in its pure form. No surprise then, that Pierre Marcolini is considered an institution in Brussels. He has been described as the Hermes of the chocolate world and his shop in London, Kensington is considered to be one of the most glamorous chocolate shops in the world.

The first Pierre Marcolini shop opened in Brussels in 1994. Since then shops opened in Paris, London and Tokyo. Indeed, almost the fashion trail of chocolate.

The main shop in Brussels is located in Place Sablon, and it fits perfectly among the fashion houses around. More of a chocolate art gallery than shop, the newly opened heaven of chocolate is definitely worth a visit. Without doubt a tourist attraction, the shop is sporting clean, modern, minimalist lines, and amazing chocolate on display. Needless to say there is a certain amount of patience necessary as the lines are endless.

A better kept secret, and less busy, is the Pierre Marcolini shop next to the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel. This is where I usually tend to go. All slick black and white, the shop is a pleasure (and torture) every time. I never know which praline to go for, which chocolate to chose from. An endless choice which I will let you discover on your own once in Pierre Marcolini.

Thus my personal foodie fashion week starts with a box of Pierre Marcolini. And a very well thought through dessert for Valentine’s dinner.

photo Pierre Marcolini shop from Reul Freres

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