Gallina in Salsa Rosa

There are a couple of cooking books you just know you have to have them. With me that’s about every other book, but still I am tying to contain my impulse cook-book shopping. This year I resumed my shopping to two books: The Cook’s Book and the Silver Spoon.

The Silver Spoon just arrived the other week. And it took me another week to leaf through it, read a recipe here and there, understand and become familiar with the structure and finally, to cook. The book is amazing and I hope to get the chance to write a little more about it. It’s Italian spirit, culture and cuisine all in one. I honestly think this is one of those milestone books, which I’ll use, then pass it on to my children, grandchildren and generations next!

My first attempt used a little improvisation on my side, but I mainly stuck to the recipe as described in the Silver Spoon. So to the joy of everyone I cooked (and succeeded) Gallina in Salsa Rosa.

500gr canned tomatoes
80gr butter
chicken, cut into pieces
175ml white wine
salt and pepperThe recipes suggests you should pass the tomatoes though a food mill into a bowl. I cut them into smaller chunks, using a trick learned from Rachel on Saturday Kitchen. After opening the can, you just cut through with a knife, left and right, and presto! Melt the butter into a pan, add the chicken and cook, turning frequentkly until browned all over. Add the wine, milk and tomatoes, season well and cook over a medium heat for about 1 1/2h. I also added sliced red peppers and a chopped onion to the sauce, as well as rosemary. Combining these ingredients gave more consistency to the sauce.

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