L’Ultime Atome

One place I just adore is L’Ultime Atome. I am not kidding. I spent some of the best – and worst (read break-ups) – moments of my life in this place. It is the kind of place that accompanied me through college, then later through my stage (internship to you and me), and now through work. I go there to be ‘at home’, to meet friends and catch up. And all my ‘abroad’ friends, when they come to visit, suggest we meet here. It has become sort of a cult meeting point in St. Boniface.

I have been through their menu at least twice and back. So I practically know what is on offer, and I am rarely surprised by their specials.

At the moment my best friend from Greece is visiting. Her first suggestions: can we go for lunch, or an after work drink at L’Ultime Atome? We decided on lunch today, drink tomorrow. Albeit being known as the place where waiters are good looking, but arrogant, waitresses good looking and non existent service wise – we still go back every time we have the chance.

L'Ultime Atome #beer bar in #Brussels - review by @Onfoodandwine

Lunch today was fast, and conversation was animated. One of their signature dishes is the warm goats cheese salad, so that’s what my Greek friend ordered. I had the soup du jour, which was good, filling and most of all – hot! As it is practically an institution in Brussels, I am sure you will not miss L’Ultime Atome. So I will let you discover your favourite dish (and favourite beer) on your own.

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  • Alison

    I noticed this spot the other day and thought it looked fun. Gah, another must try. Andreea, you are bad for my wallet and waistline 🙂

  • Andreea

    this one is a pretty decent one. really give the beers a go. food ok, not expenive (all between 8 and 15euro) – but it’s the atmosphere that counts.
    crap service but hey, can’t have it all 🙂

  • Jon

    Andreea, I must commend you on your blog! I’m looking to go out tomorrow evening and scouring the web for some new finds! However, l’Ultime Atome is definatley one of our faves! The food is good quality and reasonable in cost, but it’s definately the atmosphere of the place that makes it. Have you tried their chocolate gateaux? (you have to have it cold) Devine!

  • Lexa

    Very glad to discover your blog! I didn’t imagine one like this already existed for Brussels… And Ultime Atome is one of my favourites too.