Wine Bars in Florence: Boccadama

Lunch. Well more the pre-lunch, anti pasti, as lunch was already planned. Anti pasti. After visiting the Santa Croce Church, we stopped at Boccadama.

Boccadama wine bar by @onfoodandwine

A mix between trattoria and wine bar, the place was a hit. We ordered a plate of mixed Italian salamis, and chose two wines: a Rosso Toscano 2004 (a very general, good red wine) and a Bolgheri. Wines are displayed by regions, so choice is made a little easier. About 10 wines are usually offered by the glass.

Without me knowing it, Bolgheri is now considered to be the new ‘in’ wine region in Italy, on the coast of Livorno. I might just have a knack for chosing powerful reds. Bolgheri is located at approximately the same latitude as Montalcino and Montepulciano. However, it became a different, known wine region because of its proximity to the sea. Producers took a chance and planted Bordeaux wines in the region, and slowly quality (unknown) wines were produced. Maybe one of the best kept secrets of Italy?

The wine bar offers many other wines, and delicious food. I can only recommend it, as it will surely be a place I would like to return to.

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