Wine Bars in Florence: Nabucco

In our quest to discover Italian wine and authentic Italian living, we came across Nabucco – Wine Bar (after actually getting lost on our way back to the hotel). Pure chance brought us there at 8:00pm. And that’s where we had our first introduction to the much envied, true Italian life style.

Between 6:00pm and 9:30pm, Nabucco offers together with a glass of wine access to a full blown aperitivo buffet. Now this was a buffet in the true sense of the word. Italian salads, appetizers, sauces and dips, breads and chips. In itself actually a meal if you would like to skip the restaurant reservation after. Wine tastings are also organized every Wednesday.

Nabucco: Via XXVII Aprilie 28/R, Firenze, info line 055 475 087

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