Wine Bars in Florence: Fuori Porta

wine tasting at Gola - review by @onfoodandwine

Our entire Florence trip was structured around art and then food and wine. I will get to the food stories as well, as we discovered some amazing restaurants. And I fell in love with Tuscan chicken liver pate, which I am now trying hard to recreate.The winner of the trip though was the wine. Amazing wines, and every time we discovered a new wine bar, we discovered with it new wines. Not twice did we see the same wines, so every stop was a new adventure of tastes and smells.

review of Fuori Porta in Florence by @onfoodandwine

We first saw the Fuori Porta while trying to find a hiding place from the cold February rain. Unfortunately we found it just at that hour when everything in Italy closes: it is no longer lunch, and too soon for dinner. But the address and place were noted and we returned the next day for a long lunch.

After going for antipasti in the Boccadama, we made our way across the river to the Fuori Porta. The place was packed on both floors. A pure Italian sight: families, children screaming, waitresses shouting the orders over everyone and the eternal bell the moment the food was ready to be served. Not the place to go to if you are looking for a quiet lunch. Then again this is Italy and I loved the atmosphere the moment we stepped into the bar.

We were soon seated, and our orders taken: gnocchi with basil for Mark, cheese for me (again, no surprise there). And then of course, more wine. First we had a glass of Brolio Toscana 2003, Barone di Ricasoli and a glass of Soffocone di Vincigliata Toscana 2003, Bibi Graetz. The first a chianti classico with notes of berries and wood, a tannic yet very balanced and beautiful wine. The second a sangiovese a little lighter and softer than the previous one.

Then we ordered a glass of Rosso di Rocca, Piemonte 2004 a vino di tavola as the Italians call it, table wine. However the wine that really hit home was the last one, a Carranza Bolgheri Toscana 2003, Le Macchiole.

All in all definitely a place to visit both for its food and its wine. Do not expect to get ‘stuffed’ as they say, as portions are small yet everything is home made and delicious. Prices for food vary from 8euro to 16euro, the wines by the glass are between 4euro and 7euro.

disclaimer – all photos from the Fuori Porta website 

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