Wine Bars in Florence: Pitti

wine tasting at Gola - review by @onfoodandwine

When I said that most of our time spent in Florence was divided between museums and wine bars, I was not joking. We also made it our mission to discover Florence while looking for the one or the other wine bar.  I will use this visiting ‘system’ again, as we discovered many hidden sides of the city (speaking here in terms of architecture and art). To the surprise of both wine bar owners – who haven’t seen a tourist this year, and ours – lost in Florence.

wine tasting at Gola - review by @onfoodandwine

After a long lunch at the Fuori Porta and an even longer walk up and down the hills of Florence, we ended up in Piazza Pitti. On the square we found the ‘Pitti – Gola e Cantina’ wine bar. Entering it I had the feeling I am entering a library, and not a wine bar. Not because there were any books, but the walls and the way the wine was displayed was very much in the style of a traditional English library. Only grandfather’s leather armchair was missing.

Italy was a constant discovery of wines, and this bar was no exception. Again more wines we didn’t know about, or haven’t seen before. Here we tried a glass of Barcoreale Carmignano, Ambra 2004 and one of Rosso di Montalcino, Pietranera 2003.

Pitti – Gola e Cantina: Piazza Pitti 16, Firenze, Tel: +39 55 212 704

disclaimer – all photos from Pitti – Gola e Cantina 

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