La Maremma – Florence

Initially we thought of continuing the birthday – Michelin star combination (well more like a celebration). This time around it was my turn to blow out the candles. And Florence was my birthday present.

dinner at La Maremma in Florence by @onfoodandwine

The problem – or not depending on how you look at it – is that Florence doesn’t have a Michelin star restaurant. It has a three Michelin star restaurant. We passed by, we checked the menu and decided that this time around we’ll just skip the Enoteca Pinchiorii. The cost of our whole trip (x2) was less than the price of one menu. Go figure!

Don’t think my birthday went on without a dinner. I got to choose any other restaurant in Florence for my birthday dinner.

Discovering Florence whilst looking for different wine bars I knew exactly where I wanted to go: La Maremma. The restaurant looked cozy, yet modern (I like that combination), and the menu was full of Italian delicious suggestions. So we went there and we had a wonderful time, and a wonderful Italian dinner. My first time trying marsala and cantuccini. Yummm.

If ever in the neighborhood, looking for great Italian food which won’t break the bank, go to La Maremma. Trust me on this one.

La Maremma, Via Giuseppe Verdi 16, Florence 

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