Le Port d’Attache

The best ever bouillabaisse? The best red snapper? The best shrimps salad? Oh, the best ever home made ice cream? And all this in Brussels you ask!

Well I have found the answer to all these questions. All in one place. You’d think they pay me for such a publicity. But no! The food was actually that good.

Again it amazes me how much I still have to discover in Brussels. I pass by St. Boniface on a weekly basis. I tried out all the restaurants on the corner except maybe for two or three. And somehow till recently I always missed Le Port d’Attache. How, is beyond me.

The restaurant is specialized in fish and seafood. The prices are so decent you wonder is you are not somewhere on the Spanish coast and not actually in the heart of Brussels. Prices vary from 6euro to 18euro (the most expensive item on the menu – a saffron bouillabaisse). The staff – so kind and so nice it’s amazing. And the food: just pure heaven.

The restaurant doesn’t open for lunch, which is a pity, cause it would be a perfect lunch spot in the area. It is open every evening though from 19h. We ordered a fish dish, with baked potatoes and a bouillabaisse, then homemade ice-cream (oh-my-god!), and with the bill came two complementary (again, homemade!) shots of limoncello. What exactly would you need more?

Le Port d’Attache: Rue St. Boniface 34, 1050 Bruxelles, Tel: 02/502 34 31

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  • Alison

    Sounds like yet another must try! 🙂