Wine Bars in Florence: Bevo Vino

By now you must have (rightly) realized we visited our fair share of wine bars in Florence.

Our discovery trip continued with the Bevo Vino. We were actually aiming for the Fuori Porta wine bar, however that one was closed at that particular time of the afternoon. We do wait for 12:00 to start our wine drinking …

Passing by Bevo Vino on our way, the wine bar didn’t look like much: an Italian trattoria style bar, lots of chairs and Italian wines on the shelves. Nothing seemed too spectacular.

Entering the wine bar, I took a closer look and still, not a lot more to discover. However all these initial, not too thrilled impressions changed very soon. Whilst ordering two glasses of Italian wine, the barman realized we were tourists (now, that again is not rocket science!). What I didn’t expect though was the nicest, most helpful and passionate barman I have ever met.

Different red and white Italian wines were suggested, all of them amazing. We followed his advice on food as well, and I can truly say that (on the right) was the absolute best platter of mixed cheeses and cold meats I have ever seen or eaten. Ever!

If you choose to go to this wine bar, you must order the Italian mixed platter. I also adored the Barco Reale di Carmignane, Ambra 2004 wine.

Bevo Vino – Enoteca Bar: San Niccolo 59r, Firenze, Tel: +39 55 200 17 09

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