Wine Bars in Paris: Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge in Paris by @onfoodandwine
Change of city. After Florence, it was time to revisit Paris in the spring so to speak. Strangely, it is also the first time I actively looked for wine bars in Paris. Usually I tend to go for the cuisine and the

This time around though priority was given to wine bars. My biggest help in discovering wine bars in Paris? The blog of Bertrand Celce. An extensive list (and description) of wine bars in Paris can be found on his website. His photographs are also amazing.

Being the wine aficionado I am, I duly printed out all the suggestions he had on wine bars. And the adventure began.

In the true sense of the word. Besides Willi’s Wine Bar, and the Baron Rouge – the main character in this story – all the rest of wine bars were either closed or we couldn’t find them. Then again aiming to visit quite a few wine bars in only 2 ½ days was maybe a little too ambitious.

We did find the Baron Rouge though. And we didn’t leave. I honestly think we must have stayed there for at least 3h. Strangely enough we must have arrived at a ‘gap’ hour. As people were just leaving, and the bar didn’t get too full until we left.

The Baron Rouge was an experience I would love to be able to repeat on a weekly basis. Great atmosphere, with people ordering oysters, plates of cold meats and cheeses, and of course, wine.

The interesting thing about this wine bar is that wine comes in barrels, which are displayed in the bar. Some wines can be bought by the bottle as well, but the majority comes from small (unknown) producers and a glass costs between 1.50euro and 3.20euro. You can also buy wine in bulk and we did see people just walking in with their empty wine bottles for a refill.

Speaking to the people in the bar, I understand the best time to visit this bar is just after the market next door – the Marche d’Aligre – closes. As everyone drops by for a glass of two and you can live the Paris of the Parisians.

Baron Rouge: Rue Theophile Roussel , Metro Bastille, Tel: +33 1 43 43 14 32


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