Chèvrerie d’Ozo

a weekend in Durbuy by @onfoodandwine

With weekends now spent in Brussels (rather than abroad), we get the chance to discover what this little country has to offer. Why I say little country? Because once you start discovering the gastronomic richness of Belgium, how many food festivals and fairs are going on, you do wonder if you are still in Belgium, or maybe moved on to let’s say France or Germany (the only two big neighbours I could think of!).

Enough geography though. I want to tell you about the most amazing cheese farm we discovered. And by discover I really mean adventure, getting lost, missing the remote village about twice and then back again … you get the picture. Looking for Durbuy (which by the way is the smallest city in the world), we came across a sign reading ‘Chèvrerie d’Ozo’ which translated means the ‘Goats Farm of Ozo’. To me goats farm reads very much like cheese. It took some convincing, but then we decided to find this Ozo place (first time I ever heard about it) and go and see what the Chèvrerie d’Ozo has to offer.

Arriving there, after the adventures described above, I can only say I landed in goats land: indeed there was a farm; there were also loads of goats; and no one in sight. The farm dates back to 1975, yet I truly doubt the girl who greeted us (about 16) ever heard, let alone saw, English people at the Chèvrerie d’Ozo. Incredibly friendly though she took us to the back of the farm, where the cheese is made. I died there and then and went to cheese heaven. We tried the fresh cheese, the fresh cheese with olive oil, the demi-sec, the pepper cheese as well as the camembert, and the aged one.

If the Chèvrerie d’Ozo would not be so far I most likely could see myself getting the weekly supplies there. For the moment though I enjoy the cheese we bought. And hope that soon, I can find an excuse why we need to be (again!) in the neighbourhood of the Chèvrerie d’Ozo.

Chèvrerie d’Ozo: Ozo, 25 A/Izier, 6941 Durbuy, Tel: +32 86 40 02 66

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