Part II: From Italy with love (again!)

I have been busy or abroad for most of April, Easter came and passed, recipes were tried out, and Bella Italia visited again. This time around it was the Bay of Naples, with a trip down the Costa di Amalfi. Which is without a doubt the most beautiful coast in Europe.

Each one of the places visited had its own gourmet hidden gems and revelations to make. Naples: the birthplace of pizza. Sorrento: the lemons and the Limoncello. Positano: the best ever sauté di frutti di mare. Capri: just being Capri.

In the days to come I will take you through the recipes we discovered, through the secrets I have learned on Italian cuisine and the wines we tried. With sunny days in Brussels it almost feels like the holiday continues. And as the next one is pretty far away I will bring a little bit of sunshine on the pages of Glorious Food and Wine.

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  • chili&vanilia

    Andreea, I can’t wait to read about your experiences and recipes! I spent the long weekend in Parma so I will be very happy to find a little Bella Italia and sunshine at least on your site! Zsofi

  • Eggy

    I’m jealous already. Can’t wait to read your coming posts.

  • Kevin A Ashton

    This was my first visit to your blog and definately not my last.

    Thank you for sharing your passions with us.
    Kevin Ashton