Alsace – Route des Vins

There are times when all goes smooth and I seem to have everything in control, and then there is what we call … the chaos. At the moment I am swinging between calm and chaos, which as such already doesn’t make too much sense.

The short trip to Italy is not far behind; I managed to cook some Greek recipes; yet still no time for the Italian treasures I brought back. And now with the weather announcing winter soon it is back to northern cuisine.

So I decided to take a break form the rain in Brussels, and head for the rain in France. With Thursday coming up, and a day off in Belgium, we have booked a 4 day trip along the Wine Route in Alsace. I am hoping for more culinary inspiration, for more beautiful wine to be discovered and most of all, to recharge my batteries.

Belgian Beer has to wait for now … with wine being the priority of the moment. I promise, once back, there will be recipes from the Alsace. And of course a lot of wine, wine and more wine. That is if the sun doesn’t suddenly decide to come and most of all, stay – and let me rediscover the southern cuisine. And the Belgian beer, of course.

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