Alsacian Flammkueche

We haven’t been so lucky with the recent weather. It has been raining non stop, and yesterday – June 1 – was the coldest June 1 recorded in the history of Belgium. Where exactly did it all go wrong?

Yet I am still hoping for the summer to come one day. In the meantime we are enjoying as much as we can what the neighboring countries have to offer. If the rain can not be avoided, at least we are trying our best to change the scenery.

Our last short trip, or long weekend, was spent along the Route des Vins in Alsace. We stayed in Riquewhir, and with wine map in one hand, we discovered what Alsace has to offer. It is truly a white wine lovers’ region and if you have been reading this blog … you know I am dedicated red wine drinker. But after trying out the different Sylvaners, the Rieslings, the Pinot Blancs and Gris, the Gewürztraminers I started to wonder if I haven’t perhaps missed out all this time? I got to find my favorite whites, and now all I have to do is keep track of all the bottles we brought back.

To accompany the Alsace wines what better than the Alsacian cuisine? If you expect refined French cuisine, you are in the wrong part of France. On the other hand if you happen to be in France when temperatures don’t go above 11 degrees and it constantly rains, then there is no better comfort food than Alsacian cuisine. We tried it all out: the Flammkueche, the Choucrote (sauerkraut), the Baeckoffe, and the Kougelhopf as dessert. Not sure I will start recreating these dishes, as some are quite time consuming, others are just plain too heavy! I will share though with you the recipe of the Flammkueche – which is basically an Alsacian pizza, so to say.

Whilst visiting Eguisheim, a true wine heaven – more than 40 wine producers live here – we stopped for a Flammkueche. With so much white wine to taste, we decided a short food break will do us good.

The Flammkueche is what you expect a French pizza to look like. A very thin, crispy dough, covered with onions, bacon and cream. Very easy to do, delicious in the circumstances and ideally paired with a Sylvaner, or a Pinot Blanc.

1 ready made pizza dough
2 big, white onions
500gr bacon strips
20cl liquid cream

Preheat the oven at gas mark 8.
Roll out the dough and let ir rest.
Finely chop the onions. Place the onions on the dough, then the bacon strips, and pour over the cream.
Cook the Flammkueche till done (usually about 15min).

Ideally enjoy with a glass of cold and crisp Alsacian white.

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