Alsacian Bretzel

A treat I offered myself every day whilst in the Alsace were the famous Bretzels. Very Alsacian, very good and an ideal companion between wine tastings.Bretzels are made of bread dough, the crust sprinkled with cooking salt. Bretzels come in the shape of crossed arms and date back to the 12th century. The story tells that the Bretzels are the symbol of Alsacian bakeries and that the shape is symbolic as you can see the sun 3 times through it. I doubt anything will beat the traditional Alsacian Bretzels so I will not attempt to recreate them at home. However, for the brave, the recipe is as follows:

300gr flour
2dl warm water
2 egg whites
65gr bicarbonate
15gr dry yeast
cooking salt
boiling water

Prepare a firm dough with the flour, the warm water and the yeast. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel, and let it rise till it has doubled its volume.
Roll the dough into thin ribbons, and shape them into Bretzels.
Drop them into boiling water with bicarbonate, 2 by 2. As they rise to the surface, take them out and place them on an oily surface.
Brush the Bretzels with egg white, and sprinkle them with cooking salt.
Cook in the oven until golden.

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