Tempura twist

This long weekend I went all out trying different recipes, and planning the menu for the days to come. In a sort of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ style, I attempted to use the food already in the house. It is amazing how much you forget and how much you discover once you are ‘forced’ to use what is already in stock.

It seems my love for Asian food hasn’t been satisfied yet, so we combined different parts of the Far East and had a Japanese starter, and an Indian main course. A little twist on the usual fish tempura, I tried vegetable tempura. Very easy and such a delicious starter for our dinner.

The tempura is easily done by mixing 1 egg, 1 cup of cold water and 1 cup of flour. For this starter I used cauliflower, courgettes, and aubergines, all thinly sliced. Of course you can use your imagination and go for other vegetables as well, such as carrots, asparagus (very much in season), etc … Coat all the vegetables with the batter mixture, 3min deep fried in hot oil – done. Serve with soya sauce.

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